A limousine is like a home away from home

Chauffeur service

Crown Limousine is your way to get VIP transportation. We offer 24-hour service, as you can use our chauffeur service around the clock.

We offer flexible chauffeur services

Riding in a chauffeured car is a relaxing way of getting from point A to point B. We specialize in ground transportation, and so, for example, we can drive you from home to your place of work, from your business to a business partner's corporation, or maybe to your children's kindergarten and pick them up for you. There are not many restrictions, when it comes to what you can hire our chauffeur service for.

Be chauffeured in style

Whether you want to be driven around in a van, a regular car or a stretch limousine, you can get the service at Crown Limousine.

We specialize in private transportation services, and so you can hire us to chauffeur limousines. Crown Limousine is the epitome in the field of limousine service, as we focus on clients who want the best of the best.

So, whether you are an up-and-coming movie star, a prominent business tycoon, a wealthy banker, or something else, we are sure that you recognize high quality in a heartbeat.

Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class
Mercedes V Class
Mercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class

Flexible hours

You can either hire our services by the hour or make a deal with us that includes our services in several days. This option might be a good idea financially, as you can save money by hiring us for a longer period of time. By having us on standby, you get your money’s worth, and you are free to use our services any time you please.

If you have any questions, feedback, or requests, be sure to contact us. We are pleased to hear from you.

Personal Concierge

and limousine services

A luxurious vehicle that is driven by someone else is by definition called a limousine, and so we also provide limousine services. We might have stretch limousines that you can hire for e.g. a night or week.

Our luxury car service includes Mercedes limousines, and we control a fleet of various Mercedes vehicles. Because our range of vehicles includes the Mercedes S model, the Mercedes E model, and the Mercedes V model, you can always expect the car to be luxurious.

Any foreigner who visits Denmark and needs a limousine service in Copenhagen, Denmark, can make good use of the services we offer, as it isn't easy bringing your own vehicle when you are visiting.
Shipping Port Pickup and Immigration help?

Are you a seaman or an officer? We are your one-stop solution for transportation and assistance with immigration paperwork.
If you have any questions, feedback, or requests, be sure to contact us. We are pleased to hear from you.