A limousine is like a home away from home

Limousine service

We offer our limousine services to quality conscious clients on Zealand (Sjælland) as well as in adjacent areas. For example, you could be located on Zealand and need to go to a business meeting in Sweden, and in that case, if you need a good luxury car service near Copenhagen, it is optimal to contact us.

We offer limousine services in and near Copenhagen

If you need to travel farther than other clients might, we are ready to have a chat with you in order to find out what your needs and wishes are, and then we will see if we can match it with our fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Our Mercedes limousines

are luxury cars that span over several types of cars.

All of our Mercedes vehicles are considered high-end cars, and this is why you can always expect an outstanding limousine service, when you hire a car and a chauffeur from our company. This is the case no matter if you hire limousine services just once in a while or on a regular basis.

Our drivers chauffeur limousines with ease, and this ensures that you get a comfortable ride. Thanks to the division between you and the driver as well as the integrity of our employees, you can expect full discretion.

Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class
Mercedes V Class
Mercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class

An affordable way to get private limousines

A limousine is like a home away from home. Thanks to the smooth rides, our drivers’ competence, and our business model, you get a comfortable ride in our limousines, and you can spend the ride working, or you can talk with your business partner in confidence.

Our drivers protect your privacy

and they strive to give you a good time.

when they chauffeur you around, whether that is to a private dinner, local event, sports events, business parties, or something else entirely.

Our Copenhagen-based limousine service is relevant for anyone who needs a comfortable and luxurious way to be transported from one place to another. You might be a Dane who needs to go to a business meeting downtown, or you could be a tourist who wants the best chauffeur service possible. Our services also apply to celebrities and other quality conscious clients who do not want to have to bother getting a cab or the like.

Any foreigner who visits Denmark and needs a limousine service in Copenhagen, Denmark, can make good use of the services we offer, as it isn't easy bringing your own vehicle when you are visiting.