A limousine is like a home away from home

Concierge service

We offer 24-hour personal luxury concierge services. Our employees’ professionalism makes our services relevant to persons in all kinds of positions in a company, and this is why we offer senior concierge services, among others.

Your personal concierge services

A concierge is generally a person who is employed at a hotel or in an apartment building. A person with this job is therefore considered to function as a mix between a personal assistant and a hotel receptionist. When you hire us for our concierge service, you get a multilingual person who knows how to anticipate your needs.

Luxury travel concierge services

If you are in need of a personal concierge service company, then Crown Limousine is ready to cater to your every travel need.

We offer VIP ground transportation, and this makes us the optimal partner, when you need to travel domestically or internationally. Our drivers can take you from one location to another inside Denmark, and we might also be able to drive you across borders in case you are going to e.g. Sweden.

As we focus on driving our clients anywhere they wish, we are also the luxury choice, when you are traveling abroad. The fleet of vehicles in our company spans over several types of cars, which includes Mercedes vehicles. This is why you get both quality, professionalism, and luxury, when you hire our concierge limousine services.

Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class
Mercedes V Class
Mercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class

Specific needs

Thanks to our business model, you always get luxury concierge services.

If you have specific needs or wishes for the services you hire from us, we are ready to accommodate you in the best way possible. We go the extra mile to provide top of the line service and care to all our clients. You can give us a call or send us an email. Alternatively, you can contact us via our contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our drivers handle luggages

and they strive to give you a good time.

Our travel concierge service works fantastically, as you are free to make use of our personal concierge services to and from the airport, for example. Our drivers can also see to it that your luggage is handled, so it is in the right place, so it is ready for you, when you need it.

When you hire us for our airport concierge service, you can be sure to get to the airport in the safest way possible. Our concierges are employed as drivers as well as bellhops, and they can therefore drive you from A to B, and they can also help you with your luggage.

Any foreigner who visits Denmark and needs a limousine service in Copenhagen, Denmark, can make good use of the services we offer, as it isn't easy bringing your own vehicle when you are visiting.